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afrolutionist. Pen African. Development Practitioner.

My work lies in human centered development, focusing on documentation, communications and project management. I am founding editor of The Afrolutionist, a blog that stimulates dialogue on holistic, inclusive African development through a human rights lens. Adopting SDG 17, the blog further hosts in person discussions on intersectional development, creating agency and participation with youth in Africa. I am also the cofounder of the Botswana Youth Jobs Fair, an annual fair that stimulates real time job readiness training and employment activity through mutli-stakeholder engagement. I was previously a key correspondent for the Positive Vibes KPREACH program, documenting the lives of LGBTI people, sex workers and people living with HIV/AIDS in Southern Africa. SI am also a YALI Alumni, a contributing author to the UNESCO MGIEP 2017 report on ending violent extremism (a Youth Led guide), an Anzisha Media Finalist (2016), an alumni of YALA Academy (2017), a Climate Tracker Africa Fellow (2017) and a FRIDA (Young Feminist Fund) Climate Justice Story Collector (2017 , 2018). Currently, I am the National Coordinator of the Breaking Bounds Consortium, and a board member of Akina Mama Wa Afrika and the Botswana National Youth Council.



project coordinator

I have experience in leading and implementing various projects in relation to human centered development.

Digital Communications consultant

In the field of development, I can ensure that communication messaging is not only relevant to your audience, but are impactful and increase engagement.


To determine the successful follow up of all your forumns and relevant engagements, my rapporteur services can effectively cover all proceedings.


In increasing knowledge on human centered development critically, I am avaialble to share knowledge to add a diverse opinion at your event.


Through my previous experience with The Afrolutionist, engage me to facilitate discussions at your conferences, forums and roundtable disucssions


With focus on concept design, developmental impact and key stakeholder strategizing, I aid in project implementation.